Lightsout – 26th Feb

On Friday 26th Feb we took Chris Paine to box at the York Hall on the Lightsout show. With me in the corner I had Les Taylor and Adam Silvester.

It was only Chris’s 3rd fight and he had boxed on the Lightsout promotion before. He impressed enough on their show previously to be invited back and offered the chance to fight for a vacant title and belt. When Chris came to me with the opportunity and asked what I thought I told him we had to grab the chance with both hands.

Chris trains hard and always wants to learn. We studied the video of his opponent and knew what to expect. We worked on movement getting in and out, a solid jab and sharp one twos. Good basics to keep a smaller come forward fighter at bay.

The fight its self was the only four round title contest on the show. It was a good fight to watch and probably the best of the night quality and entertainment wise with a clash of styles.

Chris however didn’t have the best of starts and lost the opening round taking several big shots. After one heavy attack he looked wobbled but recovered really well and had his opponent in trouble at the bell. At the end of the first round and after a telling off in the corner Chris went out and in my opinion won the next the three rounds. The referee scoring it slightly different with 2 rounds to Chris, 1 drawn and 1 lost.

Chris’s opponent was shorter but very strong and came in low with big hooks to the head and body however once Chris started doing what we worked on he made the fight his own. I just had to remind him to not get involved and take the silly unnecessary shots and stay busy with that jab. Keep up the work rate and control the fight. Don’t get drawn into his opponents type of fight.

It was a good night and clearly meant a lot to Chris. He was well supported on the night with family and friends and they helped make a good atmosphere which included a few faces from the gym. Chris is now the proud owner of a lovely belt and his hard work paid off. He hasn’t even been with us for 12 months yet but he is improving steadily having been a complete beginner when he came through the doors last year. Well done Chris all at PWA are very proud.

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